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Where I grew up there was no TV; it was inevitable I would be an avid reader. For as long as I can remember I have loved to write: letters home from boarding school, stories for the school magazine, academic papers, poems and short stories.


Over the last twenty years most of my writing has been dominated by my day job, resulting in numerous articles, papers, chapters and non-fiction books. Now I am dedicating my writing to fiction and am finding the time to create and revise a number of full length fiction projects.


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New Book:

101 Ways to Enhance your Collaborative By Sarah Fraser

101 Ways to Enhance your Collaborative

You already know how to run a Breakthrough Collaborative as developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. What you're looking for now is ways to enhance, extend and improve your process. You are curious as to how you might adapt the methodology to suit your specific needs.


This book has an extensive list of hints and tips covering design matters the start up phase running learning sessions defining the collaborative supporting the action periods sustainability evaluation and return on investment.


The tips are tried, tested and practised. They are the results of Sarah Fraser's personal learning experience over a decade of designing and supporting collaboratives in the USA, Canada, UK and other European countries.


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